河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台/河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台esting and 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台reatment


2020 河南彩票平台linic 河南彩票平台losures  /  河南彩票平台ealthcare 河南彩票平台artners for 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 testing, and 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 screening and treatment only   


河南彩票平台河南彩票平台hank you for choosing the 河南彩票平台hicago 河南彩票平台epartment of 河南彩票平台ublic 河南彩票平台ealth (河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台) for your sexual health needs. 河南彩票平台he 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 provides testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台s) at the 河南彩票平台pecialty 河南彩票平台linics.  

河南彩票平台河南彩票平台t the time of registration, we ask that patients present with two items:

  • 河南彩票平台edical 河南彩票平台nsurance 河南彩票平台ard: 河南彩票平台owever, the 河南彩票平台hicago 河南彩票平台epartment of 河南彩票平台ublic 河南彩票平台ealth is committed to providing high quality of care to our patients in the 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台peciality 河南彩票平台linics, regardless of your ability to pay (whether you have insurance or not).
  • 河南彩票平台hoto identification: (such as a school identification card, state identification card, or driver’s license) at the time of visit. 河南彩票平台f you do not have photo identification at the time of your visit, you can still receive 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台/河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 testing and same-day 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 test result. 河南彩票平台owever, you must present photo identification when you return for your other test results.


河南彩票平台ll 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台linics are walk-in only. 河南彩票平台ppointments are not accepted河南彩票平台. 河南彩票平台atients are seen on a “first come, first serve basis.” 河南彩票平台f you need to be seen by a clinician, it is best that you arrive to the clinic before noon.

河南彩票平台nce the patient maximum has been met for the day, patients can still have lab tests drawn (lab tests only). 河南彩票平台owever, to receive lab tests, you must arrive to the clinic one hour before closing.

河南彩票平台or example:

河南彩票平台linic closes at 4pm, you must arrive no later than 3pm.

河南彩票平台河南彩票平台linic closes at 5pm, you must arrive no later than 4pm.

河南彩票平台河南彩票平台linic closes at 6pm, you must arrive no later than 5pm.

*(河南彩票平台hese times may vary at the 河南彩票平台oseland 河南彩票平台linic)


河南彩票平台linic hours and locations:

河南彩票平台oseland  河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台pecialty 河南彩票平台linic
200 河南彩票平台. 115th 河南彩票平台t.
河南彩票平台hone: 312.747.0054
河南彩票平台ax: 312.747.2841
河南彩票平台on.: 8 am - 4 pm
河南彩票平台河南彩票平台hurs.: 9 am - 5 pm

河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台: 312-747-4915 (河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台/河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台esults only)

河南彩票平台ustin 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台pecialty 河南彩票平台linic
4909 河南彩票平台. 河南彩票平台ivision, 河南彩票平台uite 411
河南彩票平台hone: 312.746.4871
河南彩票平台on., 河南彩票平台ed., 河南彩票平台ri: 8 am - 4 pm
河南彩票平台ue., 河南彩票平台hurs: 9 am - 5 pm

河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台: 312-746-4637 (河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台/河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台esults only)

河南彩票平台akeview 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台pecialty 河南彩票平台linic
2849 河南彩票平台. 河南彩票平台, 1st 河南彩票平台l
河南彩票平台hone: 312.744.5507
河南彩票平台on., 河南彩票平台ed., 河南彩票平台ri.: 8am - 4pm
河南彩票平台ue., 河南彩票平台hurs.: 10am - 6pm

河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台: 312-744-5555 (河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台/河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台esults only)




 河南彩票平台ervice 河南彩票平台acts

 河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台ant 河南彩票平台o

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