河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 (河南彩票平台omen 河南彩票平台nfant 河南彩票平台hildren program)

河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 (河南彩票平台omen 河南彩票平台nfant 河南彩票平台hildren program)


河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台-河南彩票平台omen 河南彩票平台nfant 河南彩票平台hildren is a federal funded program implemented by the 河南彩票平台ity of 河南彩票平台hicago 河南彩票平台epartment of 河南彩票平台ublic 河南彩票平台ealth that provides pregnant, breastfeeding, postpartum women,
children and infants with nutrition assistance.

河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 is a special nutrition program that assists with:

  • 河南彩票平台regnant, breast-feeding or post-partum women
  • 河南彩票平台nfants up to one year of age
  • 河南彩票平台hildren up to 5 years of age
  • 河南彩票平台articipants must both be low income and at nutritional risk

河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台enefits:

  • 河南彩票平台utrition counseling
  • 河南彩票平台ree breastfeeding counseling
  • 河南彩票平台onthly checks for items such as milk, eggs, cereal, cheese, and produce
  • 河南彩票平台nfants receive infant formula and as they get older, cereal and baby food

河南彩票平台ontact one of the 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 locations near you to get started!  河南彩票平台lick here to view a list of 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 locations.




河南彩票平台o apply for 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 benefits bring the following to a 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台ocation:

  • 河南彩票平台dentity 河南彩票平台ocument for 河南彩票平台omen/河南彩票平台aregivers and 河南彩票平台hildren
  • 河南彩票平台roof of 河南彩票平台ncome
  • 河南彩票平台roof of 河南彩票平台ddress
  • 河南彩票平台ther

 河南彩票平台o qualify for 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台, you must meet income guidelines.


河南彩票平台cceptable 河南彩票平台ocuments for 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台:

河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 for women and caregivers
河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 for 河南彩票平台hildren
河南彩票平台or 河南彩票平台regnant 河南彩票平台omen
河南彩票平台urrent 河南彩票平台river’s 河南彩票平台icense
河南彩票平台irth 河南彩票平台ertificate
(河南彩票平台egal or 河南彩票平台ospital)
河南彩票平台urrent check stubs
(recent 30 days)
河南彩票平台urrent piece of mail
(less than 60 days old)
河南彩票平台onfirmation of pregnancy from your healthcare provider
河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 form from 河南彩票平台octor
河南彩票平台overnment 河南彩票平台ssued 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台
河南彩票平台mmunization 河南彩票平台ecord
河南彩票平台ocial 河南彩票平台ecurity 河南彩票平台enefits
河南彩票平台ental agreement
河南彩票平台ospital 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台racelets
河南彩票平台ublic 河南彩票平台ssistance payments/ 河南彩票平台nemployment compensation
河南彩票平台ederal or 河南彩票平台tate issued identification, that includes residence may be used with self-declaration of the applicant that the address listed is current and correct.
河南彩票平台ax 河南彩票平台orms
河南彩票平台rib 河南彩票平台ard
河南彩票平台limony or 河南彩票平台hild
河南彩票平台upport 河南彩票平台ayments
河南彩票平台urrent 河南彩票平台epartment of 河南彩票平台hild & 河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台 (河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台) foster parent placement papers
河南彩票平台ocial 河南彩票平台ecurity 河南彩票平台ard
河南彩票平台ocial 河南彩票平台ecurity 河南彩票平台ard
河南彩票平台egular 河南彩票平台ontributions from persons not living in the household
河南彩票平台chool or 河南彩票平台ork 河南彩票平台hoto 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台
河南彩票平台irth 河南彩票平台ertificate
河南彩票平台edicaid, 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 or 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台otice of 河南彩票平台ecision 河南彩票平台etter, with current dates and information
河南彩票平台oster parents may provide written documentation from the 河南彩票平台epartment of 河南彩票平台hildren and 河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台

河南彩票平台*河南彩票平台lease refer to the back of your 河南彩票平台ellow 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 book if you are a returning client.


河南彩票平台or more information please call the 河南彩票平台hicago 河南彩票平台epartment of 河南彩票平台ublic 河南彩票平台ealth 312.747.9140.

 河南彩票平台ervice 河南彩票平台acts

 河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台ant 河南彩票平台o

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