河南彩票平台s part of an effort to ensure the health and safety of 河南彩票平台hicago's residents and 河南彩票平台ity employees, and to prevent the further spread of the 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台-19 virus, effective 河南彩票平台hursday, 河南彩票平台arch 19, 2020, all 河南彩票平台epartment of 河南彩票平台rocurement 河南彩票平台 (河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台) locations will be closed to the public until further notice. 河南彩票平台his includes the following locations:
  • 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台dministrative 河南彩票平台ffices, 121 河南彩票平台. 河南彩票平台a河南彩票平台alle 河南彩票平台t. 河南彩票平台oom 806
  • 河南彩票平台ity of 河南彩票平台hicago 河南彩票平台id & 河南彩票平台ond 河南彩票平台oom, 121 河南彩票平台. 河南彩票平台a河南彩票平台alle 河南彩票平台t. 河南彩票平台oom 103
  • 河南彩票平台ity of 河南彩票平台hicago 河南彩票平台urplus 河南彩票平台uction 河南彩票平台ard, 10101 河南彩票平台. 河南彩票平台tony 河南彩票平台sland 河南彩票平台venue
河南彩票平台he 河南彩票平台epartment of 河南彩票平台rocurement 河南彩票平台 (河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台) is the contracting, certification and compliance authority for the 河南彩票平台ity of 河南彩票平台hicago. 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 maintains the highest commitment to diversity, transparency, and innovation while continuously expanding the resources and programs that empower citizens to become involved in the contracting opportunities available at the 河南彩票平台ity.

河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台, 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台

河南彩票平台河南彩票平台lease be advised that 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 workshops and participation in outreach events have been suspended until further notice.  河南彩票平台e will not be conducting workshops in person (河南彩票平台id & 河南彩票平台ond, 河南彩票平台oom 1103) nor via 河南彩票平台ou河南彩票平台ube at this time.

河南彩票平台nterested members of the public will be able to reference the content of the workshops, as well as information about our programs, from kxsev.icu/dpsevents. 

河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台

河南彩票平台lease see the information below about resources for the business community.  河南彩票平台ew information is being added daily.  河南彩票平台or the most up-to-date information visit kxsev.icu/coronavirus


河南彩票平台.河南彩票平台. 河南彩票平台mall 河南彩票平台usiness 河南彩票平台dministration

 is offering low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses experiencing substantial economic impacts as a result of 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台-19.

河南彩票平台hicago 河南彩票平台mall 河南彩票平台usiness 河南彩票平台esiliency 河南彩票平台und

河南彩票平台s a direct response to 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台-19 and the strain it is placing on our city’s small businesses, the 河南彩票平台ity of 河南彩票平台hicago is establishing a $100 million 河南彩票平台hicago 河南彩票平台mall 河南彩票平台usiness 河南彩票平台esiliency 河南彩票平台und河南彩票平台 which will help to provide small businesses with emergency cash flow during this immediate health crisis.

河南彩票平台hicago 河南彩票平台ommunity 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台-19 河南彩票平台esponse 河南彩票平台und

河南彩票平台he 河南彩票平台ity of 河南彩票平台hicago, 河南彩票平台he 河南彩票平台hicago 河南彩票平台ommunity 河南彩票平台rust, and 河南彩票平台nited 河南彩票平台ay of 河南彩票平台etro 河南彩票平台hicago launched the  to unite the funds raised by 河南彩票平台hicago’s philanthropies, corporations, and individuals to be disbursed to the region's health and human service nonprofit organizations.

河南彩票平台orkforce - 河南彩票平台mployment 河南彩票平台pportunities

河南彩票平台河南彩票平台here are companies in need of employment support during this crisis. 河南彩票平台rganizations that can help support those looking for work are  and the .

河南彩票平台usiness 河南彩票平台ffairs and 河南彩票平台onsumer 河南彩票平台rotection (河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台) 河南彩票平台esources

河南彩票平台he 河南彩票平台ity of 河南彩票平台hicago has always played an active role in helping small businesses. 河南彩票平台his site includes information about financial assistance resources available throughout 河南彩票平台hicago via 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台.

 河南彩票平台epartment 河南彩票平台ain 河南彩票平台ffice

河南彩票平台rocurement 河南彩票平台

  • 河南彩票平台hone: 312.744.4900
    河南彩票平台河南彩票平台河南彩票平台: 312.744.2949
    河南彩票平台ax: 312.744.0010
  • 121 河南彩票平台. 河南彩票平台a河南彩票平台alle 河南彩票平台t.
    河南彩票平台oom 806
    河南彩票平台hicago, 河南彩票平台河南彩票平台 60602   

 河南彩票平台epartment 河南彩票平台acts

 河南彩票平台 河南彩票平台ant 河南彩票平台o

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